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The Acid Reflux Strategy
These three everyday ingredients heal heartburn in the nick of time
Price: $49


The Arthritis Strategy
Heal all types of arthritis within 21 days in 3 easy tips
Price: $49


The High Blood Pressure
The ONE organ responsible for ALL types of High Blood Pressure
Price: $49


The Oxidized Cholesterol Strategy
The one food cholesterol cure
Price: $49


Destroy Depression
A simple 7-step system that gives you the power to destroy your depression
Price: $37


The IBS Program
IBS is a real and not a “Trash can” disorder as some medical professionals claim
Price: $49


My Back Pain Coach
Major Back Pain Relief In Just 16 Minutes?
Price: $67


Panic Away
Free audio to end anxiety and panic attacks fast
Price: $67.95


The Psoriasis Strategy
Get rid of psoriasis for just four weeks
Price: $49


Stop Snoring and Sleep Apnea Program
This easy throat exercise eliminates your snoring tonight
Price: $49


The Big Diabetes Lie
Super Simple Morning Habit ‘Accidentally’ Reversed Diabetes and Normalized Blood Sugar
Price: $37


The 3-Step Diabetes Strategy
Diabetes breakthrough your doctor won’t tell you about
Price: $49.95


The Vertigo & Dizziness Program
Simple head balance exercises heal dizziness as soon as today
Price: $49


TMJ No More
End TMJ pain confusion. Stop tackling symptoms. Tackle the cause instead.
Price: $49


Quit Smoking Magic
Discover how to quit smoking in as little as 7 days
Price: $37



The Menopause Solution
Don’t let menopause symptoms hijack your health, your energy or your life for one more day
Price: $49



The Erectile Dysfunction Master
Combat erectile dysfunction without pills, from the privacy of your own home
Price: $49


Ejaculation Guru
How to last longer in bed
Price: $49


The Ejaculation Master
Discover a technique that boosts your stamina and makes you satisfy her every time…no matter how bad you are
Price: $49



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